Cutworms top scouting priority

An agronomist says farmers should be scouting for black cutworms as crops start to emerge.

Ryan Gentle, Illinois agronomy manager with Wyffels Hybrids, tells Brownfield…

“There have been some significant flights here in the past few weeks with all these storms, a lot of these insects kind of move up with the storms.”  He says, “We’re seeing some potential cutting dates, you know, Memorial Day based on the moth flights.”

He says the pests can cause significant damage.

“If they’re small, you know they’re gonna cut more plants before they turn back into a moth again.”  He says, “You get taller corn, you know I’m talking V-5 or V-6, he cuts that plant off and the growing point is above ground, and that plant’s dead.”

Gentle says farmers that have infestations should follow best management treatment practices, and says corn cut while the growing point is underground typically recovers.

AUDIO: Ryan Gentle – Illinois agronomy manager at Wyffels Hybrids

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