Dairy group praises approval of feed additive

The FDA has approved the use of a methane-reducing feed additive for cattle.  The agency completed a multi-year study showing Elanco Animal Health’s Bovaer, their 3-nitrooxypropanol additive, is safe and effective.

Alan Bjerga with the National Milk Producers Federation tells Brownfield this approval is an important milestone as dairy farmers work towards their 2050 Net Zero Initiative.  He says it’s also important from a competitive standpoint. “It’s tougher for U.S. dairy farmers to compete with folks in the European Union and other places that have this tool when their hand is tied behind their back, so this will really help level the playing field in terms of competition.”

Bjerga says he expects similar competing products to enter the market in the future. “Enteric emissions are a really big deal in cows. The approval of Bovair and undoubtedly products that will follow in its wake is something that is a really powerful tool in terms of getting those emissions down and getting to that net zero goal.”

Elanco says feeding one tablespoon of Bovaer per lactating dairy cow per day can reduce methane emissions about 30% or 1.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions annually.

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