Dairy Innovation Grant bill introduced in House

A bipartisan proposal would provide additional funding for the Dairy Business Innovation Grants.

Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin introduced the measure in the Senate in early July, saying demand exceeded available funding.  She says the program helps processors tap into new markets, improve operations, and innovate with new products. “With such great benefits, if you’re able to improve the efficiency of your operation, you’re input costs go down. If you’re able to expand markets for your products or innovate, frankly, with the products themselves, all of those help bring up the bottom line.”

Republican Congressman Derrick Van Orden introduced the companion bill in the House. “It takes it from 20 million dollars to 36 million dollars, and the reason it’s doing that is because it’s working. If something is working and you have the ability to expand it to scale, then do so.”

So far, more than $150 million dollars has been distributed through the Dairy Innovation Grant program, enabling farmers and processors to modernize, reach new markets, and create economic growth.

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