Dairy Innovation Hub researchers share findings at symposium

Researchers in Wisconsin’s Dairy Innovation Hub shared their findings so far during a symposium Wednesday. 

Dr. Heather White is the faculty director for the Dairy Innovation Hub, and she tells Brownfield over 200 researchers are working on long-term projects in core areas as well as short-term studies that might give farmers and processors new answers in a matter of weeks. “At the symposium, we’re featuring projects that are later in their funding stage, so these are projects that are wrapping up, where we’re looking at data, we’re seeing what the end results are, and researchers are here talking and networking, collaborating on what the next steps are.”

White says one of the research projects that will be published soon is about cattle methane emissions. “Looking at how we improve feed efficiency and reduce methane emissions, something that’s very important to all of us globally as we work for a more sustainable way of feeding the world.”

White says the Dairy Innovation Hub researchers will soon release results of their study on dairy foods and human health.

Audio: Dr. Heather White discusses the Dairy Innovation Hub Symposium and the fall summit with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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