Dairy nutrition expert to train Chinese producers

A dairy nutrition expert will spend two weeks in China helping train producers. University of Wisconsin’s Luis Ferraretto tells Brownfield he will be spending about two weeks teaching about forage and dairy nutrition. “Basically, those are rumenant nutrition-style classes or other related dairy classes.”

Ferraretto says along with teaching classes, he will get an opportunity to visit some Chinese dairy farms to learn how they manage forage and animal nutrition and share his knowledge. “There are many things that are very nice about my job including interacting with farmers and learning different things through research, but other times, I have the opportunity to see new environments and cultures. I always try to take that opportunity because it’s always an enriching experience.”

Ferraretto returns to his University of Wisconsin research just before Thanksgiving.  He says the exchange is made possible through a partnership with the University and Nestle. 

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