Dairy producers should plan for less Chinese buyers

An expert on world politics says China will try to replace whatever it gets from the U.S. but for now, there are still market opportunities. 

Jacob Shapiro is an analyst who predicts global trends including world agricultural markets.  Shapiro says China will continue to try finding new suppliers for ag products away from the U.S.

Shapiro says U.S. dairy producers need to reduce their dependency on the Chinese and develop new markets. “I think it will take some time for China to develop the alternatives, but I did want to say to the audience that you have a period of years where you can start to plan away from China.”

And he says other U.S. producers have already experienced China’s cutbacks. “Because, when they can flip the switch, they will, and if you want advice about what that looks like, U.S. soybean farmers have already gone through it and U.S. corn farmers are going to go through it over the next couple of years, so use these years wisely. Don’t think that the Chinese market is just going to be open forever.”

Shapiro says southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and northern Africa are potential growth areas for U.S. dairy exports.

Shapiro spoke to Brownfield during the Professional Dairy Producers Business Conference in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

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