Dealer advises farmers to lock in inputs now

A fertilizer dealer says it’s wise for farmers to work with their retailers to book and pre-pay for their inputs, especially if logistics problems like a low Mississippi River or slow rail service come back.  Tony Grapsas is with Jay-Mar in Plover, Wisconsin. He tells Brownfield, “We’re going to take care of the people that prepaid or booked long before we would take care of those that just called in at the moment. That’s the right thing to do, so booking, and prepaying for our company, that secures your place in line. We’re going to have product for you if things get tight.”

For now, Grapsas says there isn’t a problem getting N, P, and K . “Our bins are full. We’ll see what happens come spring. That’s when the real test will come.”

Grapsas is encouraging farmers to commit to at least some of what they will need this spring. “Your dealer wants to take care of you and knowing how many tons they should have to cover, that’s going to be to your benefit.”

Grapsas says once the new calendar goes on the wall, it’s like riding a rocket ship until spring as the days will go by quickly, so the time to lock in inputs is now.

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