Dealer says most fertilizer challenges are with specialty products

A central Wisconsin fertilizer dealer says most products have been available in time for planting season.

Tony Grapsas

Tony Grapsas with JayMar in Plover, Wisconsin tells Brownfield slow starts for planting in other states have helped with product availability. “Because the ‘I’ states were light, it hasn’t been too bad on N, P, and K, the nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Our biggest hiccup is the same as last year. Calcium sulfate or gypsum and pelletized lime, There’s only a couple of places that make it.”

Grapsas says trucking is hard to come by and expensive due to fewer truckers and fuel surcharges.  He says working with the railroad is frustrating. “Even our suppliers are very, very frustrated with the poor service and the slow times, and it isn’t unique to fertilizer. I’m under the impression you can be in the timber industry, the auto industry, paper, it doesn’t matter.”

And, he says to avoid problems, order as early as possible. “Whether it’s us or whatever dealer you’re working with, be assured they are trying their best. The month of May is a challenge and we will all get it out there as quick we can.”

Grapsas says it’s not side-dressing time, so the fertilizer season isn’t over but so far, 2022 has not been unbearable.

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