Demand for high oleic soybeans and soy oil is growing

The demand for high oleic soybeans and soybean oil continues to grow, according to the United Soybean Board.

John Jansen is the vice president of partnerships with USB.

“High oleic on a fatty acid profile is really heart healthy. It looks chemically like olive oil, which people embrace pretty readily,” he says. “So, you’re looking at a product that’s very stable with a high level, 75 percent or greater, of oleic fatty acids.”

Jansen says high oleic soybeans offer farmers a premium and benefit restaurants and consumers by producing a naturally stable cooking oil.

“You’ve got a product that fries twice as long so the food service market is very interested in high oleic for the extended frying it offers and the ability of the product to let the flavor and taste of the food come right through,” he says.   

He says high oleic soybean oil also delivers added benefits for industrial, non-food uses of soybean oil.

Brownfield interviewed Jansen during Trade Talk at the 2021 NAFB Convention.

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Audio: John Jansen

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