Developing the E-15 market

As the debate over the Renewable Fuels Standard continues, supporters of ethanol and biodiesel are working to educate consumers about the benefits of E-15.

Scott Zaremba, president of Zarco Inc., is one of the people carrying out that message.

In July of 2012, his fueling stations became the first in America to offer E-15.  “There was a lot hurdles to jump through with the EPA, with our fuel suppliers, and our dispensers,” he says.  “It took us probably 6 months to work through our issues.  But we were able to bring E-15 to our consumers in a safe environment and that E15 is saving our customers money today.”

He tells Brownfield the recent events in the Middle East make ethanol an even more logical fueling alternative.  “We’re going to see our prices go higher and we’re going to see a knee-jerk reaction with prices going higher for transportation energy prices in this country,” he says.  “One of the reasons is we don’t have enough competition for transportation energy.  We’re developing that with ethanol and biodiesel.  Here in Indiana they’re able to produce 1 billion gallons of ethanol is going to have an impact and going to give us that second choice so we have stability in the marketplace.”

Zaremba made his remarks at last week’s Indiana Ethanol Forum

AUDIO: Scott Zaremba, Zarco, Inc. (3:00mp3)

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