Dicamba applicators urged to follow label to maintain access to herbicide

Soybean and cotton farmers are relieved EPA will allow the use of existing supplies of dicamba during the upcoming growing season.

Minnesota Soybean Growers Association president Bob Worth says applicators must follow the label to ensure the herbicide remains available.

“Don’t do anything to give the EPA ammunition to move forward and say ‘no we do not need this. Follow the label completely.”

The southwest Minnesota farmer chairs the association’s dicamba task force and tells Brownfield new seed trait technology that will help mitigate herbicide resistance is expected to hit the market in the next two years.

“That will let us use all types of chemicals and it’s on the seed. And dicamba is one of them, which we really want. So we need to have the chemical around, because it does work if used properly. It does a great job.”

Worth says state-specific date and temperature restrictions in Minnesota have been effective in reducing reports of off-target dicamba applications.

  • Reducing is not eliminating, which is the problem with conventional agriculture. Just reducing it doesn’t fly when it comes to the destruction of other farms and habitat. Chemical ag is seeding its own destruction by going down an unsustainable path that will eventually lead to heavy restrictions on agriculture because of endangered species and water quality.

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