Disaster relief bill awaits President Trump’s signature

The House passed the 19-billion-dollar disaster relief bill Monday, sending it to President Trump’s desk. 

The emergency spending bill includes around 17-billion for expenses from wildfires, hurricanes, volcanos and earthquakes, plus a three-billion dollar amendment to help pay for losses of crops including milk, on-farm stored commodities, and up to 90% of this year’s crops affected by prevented planting.  This amendment includes coverage for flood and snowstorm losses.

The bill had previously passed the Senate and was held up in the House last week by conservatives that objected to passing a large spending bill on a voice vote.  President Trump had previously supported the disaster relief spending in a tweeted message after the Senate passed the bill.

Additional money to help rebuild Puerto Rico after 2017 hurricanes is also included.  Funding for border security was not included, which prompted several Republicans to vote against the bill.

The House vote was 354-58 in favor of the bill. Nineteen Members did not vote.

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