Diversification to bolster demand

The chairman of the US Meat Export Federation says diversification of product offerings is helping to grow demand for U.S. beef and pork.

Randy Spronk, a pork producer from Minnesota, says the round provides growth opportunities for beef exports.  “They’re trying to create new demand for those muscle cuts using that round,” he says.  “So USMEF is in country marketing that, showing chefs and consumers how to prepare it.  Highlighting the flavor profile it can have.”

He tells Brownfield for pork, work is being done to grow demand for the loin.  “We have programs in Mexico where we’re talking about the loin truck,” he says.  “And actually, how to prepare and BBQ it so we create more demand to move it off our domestic market into a foreign market.”

Spronk says demand diversification helps create additional value for beef, pork, and lamb producers.

AUDIO: Randy Spronk, chair US Meat Export Federation

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