Drought causing nutrient deficiencies in corn and soybeans

An agronomist is concerned about nutrient deficiencies as drought conditions worsen in some parts of the Corn Belt.

Mercedes Gearhart with AdvanSix says symptoms are apparent on corn and soybean plants.

“Drought is never a good thing because most nutrients are taken up by (water), that means they have to dissolve in the water (so) the plant can absorb them. So when we have a drought we start having issues.”

She tells Brownfield signs of drought stress are easy to identify.

“Nitrogen for example, you see the yellowing, and sulfur is another one. You see the yellowing because (the nutrients) aren’t being taken up the way they should.”

Gearhart says cool, wet conditions at planting followed by heat and dryness can lead to sulfur deficiencies in soybeans.

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