Drought’s impact on weed pressure in Corn Belt for 2022

A plant pathologist says drought limited disease pressure for corn and soybeans in 2022.

Dylan Mangel with the University of Nebraska discusses some of the top issues. “Phytophthora root rot – phytophthora will get in there when plants are germinating and take them out early or it can impact them in the middle of the season.  During the middle of the season, we saw frogeye leaf spot and sudden death syndrome issues.”

He tells Brownfield soybean cyst nematode became prevalent at the end of the growing season. “Soybean cyst nematode is one of those that it prefers the drier years.  It causes more issues on dry years like that.”

And, Magel says, there were issues for irrigated crops. “White mold was getting into those issues where we could still put on a lot of water even though it was dry.  It kept those fields cool and wet and let white mold spread.”

He says he expects an increase in diseases in 2023 if drought conditions improve.

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