Dry start to growing season could spark further volatility

A dry start to the growing season could spark even more volatility in the grain markets.

Glenn Wachtler with Compeer Financial tells Brownfield costly inputs and low soil moisture will be heavily scrutinized this year.

“Can the country keep up a 181 bushel national average yield in these times of La Nina and high fertilizer prices?”

He says that could be difficult and recommends some hedging before planters start to roll.

“And maybe don’t take a chance on being all right one way or all wrong, and just play it down the middle. That’s the easiest way to kind of ride through this volatility.”

He says while the projected 1.9 billion bushel carryout for corn is higher than it’s been the past couple years, it hinges on trendline yields.

Wachtler made these comments during an upcoming Compeer podcast, a content partnership with Brownfield.

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