Dry weather is hurting Wisconsin’s hay, row crops

Dry weather in Wisconsin has farmers concerned about crops. 

Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden has been harvesting a low-volume second crop of hay. “Some of the farmers are starting to put second crop up, but it’s less than half of what it should be.”

And, the Westby area farmer says he and many of his neighbors are already wondering if they will have enough hay to get their dairy and beef herds through the winter. “Yeah, we’re already starting to hear about that, especially with the guys that are starting to put the second crop up. They’re really concerned about the hay crop, and if we don’t get rain for their third crop, they’re going to get less yet, so it’s not a pretty picture right now for tonnage.”

Corn and soybeans are also struggling, as Von Ruden says they only had a little rain Sunday but could use a slow, multiple-day soaking rain. “They’re definitely seeing in the sandier ground the corn and soybeans are really shriveled up and, you know if we don’t get the adequate moisture here in the next week or so, I would say a lot of that crop in those areas is never going to mature at all.”

Most of Wisconsin has not had significant rainfall in several weeks, but the National Weather Service says an active weather pattern this weekend and into next week might provide some needed moisture.

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