Dusty Johnson introduces bill to formalize agency oversight on cell-cultured food

South Dakota Republican Representatives Dusty Johnson introduced a bill Thursday to formalize a regulatory framework for cell-cultured food.

“USDA and FDA recently had an agreement about who should regulate what,” Johnson told reporters on a conference call. “Of course we want consumers to have options available in the marketplace, but I also think it’s important that have a level playing field.”

The bill, introduced with Florida Democratic Representative Darren Soto, will ensure agency oversight to protect consumers and the integrity of product claims, said Johnson. South Dakota ranchers already produce a safe, quality product, said Johnson, adding that anything lab grown should have to meet the same standards.

“So consumers have a better idea of exactly what they’re getting,” he said.

Under the legislation, FDA would oversee the lab process of multiplying animal cells to make tissue and USDA would oversee processing, packaging, and labeling. The bill also provides protections for misbranded products, including imitation products that could confuse consumers.

AUDIO: Dusty Johnson (R-SD)

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