E15 waiver allows supply chain to adjust in nick of time

An ethanol producer says the EPA’s summertime waiver allowing the sale of E15 fuel is very welcome, but knowing sooner would have been better for the fuels industry and consumers.

Erik Huschitt from Badger State Ethanol tells Brownfield a lot of preparation happens in the supply chain ahead of the June 1st deadline. “We’re approaching a May time frame and we’re needing to make plans on what are we going to be selling at these pumps and what are we going to have to have for labels, and what are we going to have for signage?”

Huschitt says EPA’s lack of action before Friday’s summertime waiver had producers and retailers wondering if they invested in infrastructure they couldn’t use to sell E15. “Whether it be Kwik Trip, Casey’s or smart stations, anybody that’s selling higher blends have this uncertainty, so this is very, very important because it allows us to now have a plan on how we’re going to treat the summer driving months and allows us to start getting gallons upstream to where they need to be blended.”

Huschitt says oil companies and ethanol producers all needed the EPA’s decision because around May 1st, the supply chain will be gearing up for June 1st fuel sales.  He says without the certainty of the waiver, fuel retailers would likely have been forced to change stickers and signage to use E15 pumps for other fuels.

Erik Huschitt is also the Chairman of the Board for the Renewable Fuels Association.

AUDIO: Erik Huschitt discusses the EPA E15 waiver and related issues with Brownfield’s Larry Lee.

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