Economist remains optimistic about milk prices

A dairy economist remains optimistic about milk prices this year.

Mark Stephenson with the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Dairy Profitability tells Brownfield Tuesday’s minor dip in the Global Dairy Trade index is not a big concern. “You know, with these little down actions that we’ve had, you have to put it in perspective with the rest of the scale of where that GDT has been and where it is now. I think mostly, it’s okay.”

Stephenson says the minor price changes show some stability in supply and demand. “Maybe the market is getting to the point where it’s got enough commitments for products, feeling comfortable there. Maybe it’s going to soften a little bit, but I don’t think we’re looking at any kind of crash right now.”

Stephenson says milk prices look around 75-cents to a dollar a hundredweight better for farmers this year than last year, but he is still concerned about the amount of de-pooling that can occur.

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