Electric vehicles without the help of biofuels, ag will not meet climate goals

The head of the Renewable Fuels Association says electric vehicles will not decarbonize the transportation sector without investments from biofuels and agriculture.

President and CEO Geoff Cooper says only one percent of cars in the U.S. are electric and renewable fuels can be an immediate solution to meet climate sustainability goals. “With increased electric vehicles in the years ahead and we do expect increased sales, it’s going to take decades to turn over the fleet and that means hundreds of billions of gallons of liquid fuels will be used many years to come.”

He says the industry can reach a net zero emission standard by 2050 through carbon-neutral biofuels and that starts on the farm. “With the increased adoption of low carbon farming practices, carbon capture and storage technologies and other new and emerging technologies and practices, we’re going to be well on our way to producing zero carbon corn ethanol in the decades ahead.”

He says the industry needs fairness when measuring carbon footprints for ethanol and electric vehicles.

Cooper spoke to reporters ahead of a House Ag Committee hearing on Wednesday about the implications of electric vehicle investments for agriculture and rural America. 

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