Eminent domain bill passes Missouri House

The Missouri House has approved a bill to ban companies from using eminent domain to take private property to develop wind and solar farms.

Democrat Peter Merideth from eastern Missouri says the bill puts up a fight with wind and solar energy companies.

“I don’t feel comfortable singling out wind and solar and treating them differently as any different generation of energy in our state, making it harder for them to grow if we’re saying we’re going to allow property owners to extort them if they need to grow.”

Republican Kent Haden from central Missouri says wind and solar have much larger footprints than any other sources of energy – having a “massive impact” on rural communities.

There’s less than two weeks left to go in the Missouri Legislative session and House Bill 1750 is headed to the Senate.

Missouri Farm Bureau says they’re pleased with the approval of HB 1750 and they’re dedicated to safeguarding and protecting private property rights. In a statement, Farm Bureau tells Brownfield they appreciate Representative Mike Haffner for spearheading the legislation in the House and Senator Jason Bean for his work on the companion legislation, Senate Bill 1262, in the Senate.

Missourinet contributed to this report.

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