Employee longevity helps dairymen’s bottom line

A dairy worker development specialist says stability among dairy farm employees is positive for a dairy farmer’s bottom line. Jorge Delgado, a trainer and dairy worker talent developer with Alltech, says a foreign worker’s language is a challenge but not a barrier to communicating what’s necessary.

“Clarifying what their expectations are from you and what expectations they have from everybody else on the farm,” Delgado told Brownfield Ag News, “clear expectations is the main thing no matter what the language is.”

Employee turnover is expensive because of the need to train new workers, Delgado told Brownfield Ag News, adding that it also takes time for animals to become comfortable with new people.

“By keeping people there, of course, that is going to be influenced by the way that cows will interact; more milk, less reproductive problems, less health problems,” said Delgado, speaking to Brownfield at the Heartland Dairy Expo in Springfield, Missouri. “People are behind these cows, so if they are ok, cows will be ok and that will be seen in your paycheck.”

AUDIO: Jorge Delgado

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