Environmentally friendly soybean products result from checkoff program funding

A New Jersey farmer says investments in the soybean checkoff program helps fund innovative soybean product research and increase demand. 

Pat Gilbertson, with local farmer member of the United Soybean Board, says the products made from soybeans are more environmentally friendly when it comes to fighting fires. 

“Firefighters can go home to their families and not have to worry about forever chemicals or anything else that was in the foams,” he said. “Plus, for the environmental end of it, you don’t have the impacts that you do with PFOS and all the other foams.”

He says the food industry is looking at ways to utilize soy-based plastics.

“The paper straws, if anybody’s ever used them, they’re good for about two minutes and then they cave in. These do not do that. It’s something that you can drink your drink and not have a problem with it. And it’s not going to affect the environment negatively.”

He tells Brownfield the United Soybean Board has partnered with DeWalt and several Home Depot locations to distribute their bio-based chainsaw oil.  

“One of the things they were looking at were where trees are being cut down around waterways and things of that nature,” Gilbertson said. “This isn’t something that’s going to pollute waterways because it’s a natural base. It’s a bio-based oil.”

The development of the biobased chainsaw oil was part of a strategic partnership with DGP and Airable Research Lab, a division of the Ohio Soybean Council. Airable’s sole focus is the development of sustainable soy solutions that can be brought to the market. 

Brownfield’s Larry Lee interviewed Gilbertson during the 2024 NAFB Washington Watch.

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