Ernst: Farm bill passage in 2024 is doubtful

One lawmaker says she’s not optimistic the farm bill will get finished in 2024.

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst tells Brownfield she’s disappointed with Senate Ag Committee leadership.

“My finger will point directly at Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow,” Ernst said Tuesday morning. “She really is dragging her feet on this and she is not willing to budge. We’ve all provided feedback and we’re trying to collaborate on the ag committee, and yet we see no movement from the chairwoman.”

The Iowa Republican says there isn’t enough support for farmers and ranchers in the current proposal.

“I hope we can get there because we do need to make some improvements, but what I’m unwilling to do is continue spending a trillion and a half dollars on programs that won’t benefit our farmers.”

The current farm bill extension expires in September.

  • Looks to me like our congress needs to pull there head out of the dark places get to work instead of playing politics they all have forgotten what they were voted in for and work together and get something done. I remember miss Ernst you was going to go in there and make them squeal. I haven’t heard any squealing Oh I forgot you haven’t got your bank account built up enough yet we will remember that for the next election I will be campaigning for you

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