Ernst says lawmakers need to act on E15 legislation

A U.S. Senator from Iowa says higher ethanol blends like E15 need to be a part of the solution to help lower emissions.

Republican Joni Ernst tells Brownfield electric vehicles aren’t the only answer. “Very, very unrealistic to think that we would transition our entire country within a matter of years to all electric,” Ernst said. “We know that liquid fuel is around to stay.”

She says the clock is ticking to get a year-round E15 framework established and Congress needs to take action. “I’ve got a bipartisan bill, it’s the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act, and that would provide a permanent nationwide solution for fuel blends that contain 10% or more of ethanol, and allowing for the year-round sale of E15.”

Ernst says she’s frustrated that the Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t finalized a proposed rule that would allow year-round sales in Midwestern states beginning in 2024.

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