Ethanol discussion expected at National Farmers Union convention

Wisconsin’s Farmers Union President expects familiar issues including ethanol will be discussed at the upcoming national convention.

Darin Von Ruden tells Brownfield Darin Von Ruden tells Brownfield there isn’t 100% nationwide support from Farmers Union members. “We’re certainly going to be talking about ethanol. That’s becoming a bigger issue all of the time within different states. Some states are very supportive and some states are not, so that’s always a vocal point.”

Von Ruden says his members are pleased that the EPA granted year-round E15 use in several Midwestern states, but the group is disappointed in the Biden Administration’s delay of implementation until 2025. “We wanted that to be implemented the day that it was signed into law really because it’s going to help to clean up our air but also it’s going to help that ethanol business and keep moving that product which helps farmers in the end because that product gets used for something good for the environment.”

The National Farmers Union convention begins March 10th in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Von Ruden says the unfinished farm bill, dairy policy, and eminent domain will likely be some of the top issues discussed this year.

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