Ethanol, livestock, tax issues key for Mo Corn

Missouri Corn Growers Association members have gathered in Jefferson City for their annual meeting and lobby day Tuesday. Their CEO Gary Marshall outlined Missouri Corn’s three main legislative priorities this session.

Ethanol incentives are one, says Marshall,“We want to make sure that the government here in Missouri follows through with the last of the incentives for our ethanol industry. We still have two plants that are vulnerable, we think, particularly with the federal subsidies going away now. So, we want to make sure and protect those.

Preventing property tax increases is another. Marshall tells Brownfield, “(Property taxes) go across the board whether you’re making money or whether you haven’t. This year, we had some folks who had a really good crop but if you lived along the Missouri River or along Birds Point (Levee) down in New Madrid or if you happened to be in northwest Missouri – or – northeast Missouri where we had droughts, it was a very tough year. So, we think increasing taxes – it’s the wrong time to do that.”

And, Marshall says, support of the livestock industry in Missouri is equally important. He says the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is continuing to try and go after the industry through ballot initiatives. Marshall says the HSUS “stretches the truth a lot”….and Missouri

“We live here in Missouri, our farmers are in Missouri, we live with this every single day and we’re gonna be as truthful as Missouri citizens as we possibly can. We’re going to look out for the best interests of livestock because not only is it in our best interests to do it but it’s in the best interest of the livestock as well.”

Growers met one-one-one with Missouri legislators and held their annual business meeting – NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace was their luncheon  keynote speaker – telling growers he will continue to tirelessly promote Missouri corn, corn growers and corn ethanol.

AUDIO: Gary Marshall (4:00 mp3)

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