Exploring increased export opportunities to Mexico

A South Dakota farmer says there’s opportunity to grow Mexico’s demand for US red meat. 

Todd Hanten, who was representing the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, took part in the US Meat Export Federation’s recent trade mission to Monterrey, Mexico. “There’s a lot of opportunities to get U.S. red meat into the diets of the people at home and the people dining out,” he says.  “It used to be a lot of variety Cuts but now it’s getting to be some of the premium cuts as well that are really selling here.”

He tells Brownfield the trade relationship with Mexico helps add value to US products and uses pork cheekbones as an example.  “They take those cheekbones and they are bringing them in by the big truck loads and they further process them into cubes and strips,” he says. “We were in some stores to see firsthand that was well advertised and people are buying it, honestly like crazy.”  Hanten says Domino’s in Mexico even features cubed pork cheekbone on pizzas.

AUDIO: Todd Hanten, South Dakota

Keith Miller, a soybean farmer from Kansas representing the Kansas Soybean Commission says the goal of the trip was to increase demand for US soybeans and the US Meat Export Federation is a great partner. “Mexico is a huge importer of United States crops and meat and poultry,” he says.  “So as long as we can continue that trade, it will benefit both countries because they need the food and we need to export it.”

AUDIO: Keith Miller, Kansas

Mexico was the second-largest export destination for US agricultural goods in 2021.  Mexico took the top spot for corn, soybeans, dairy, and pork. 

The trade mission wrapped up last week.

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