Farm bill needed to provide farmers with certainty

The executive president of newly-formed Keystone Cooperative, formerly Ceres Solutions an agricultural cooperative, says farmers need the certainty of a long-term farm bill. 

Jeff Troike says having a bill in place helps farmers make solid business decisions. “Ag is a high risk, high-capital business,” he says.  “They need that solid safety net to protect their business. They also go back to produce the food, fiber, and fuel that takes care of us and part of the world and have that good, safe supply that we need.” 

He tells Brownfield commodity prices farmers receive have declined substantially in recent months. “And their costs don’t go down that much,” he says,.  As we look into 2024 and beyond, things have tightened up a lot and there’s a lot of concern out there at the farm gate on what 2024 and 2025 is going to look like.” 

But the question remains if Congress can get a farm bill across the finish line in an election year. 

Troike says he’s hopeful.  “I think that’s part of our responsibility,” he says.  “We have to start working with our politicians in Washington. We need to get it done it.  We all know that they’re struggling in Washington, DC getting some things done. This one should be bipartisan right? We are all worried about production agriculture. We’re all worried about where our food and fiber and fuel come from.”

AUDIO: Jeff Troike, Keystone Cooperative


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