Farm Bureau leader says farm bill needed sooner

A Wisconsin Farm Bureau leader says Congress needs to finish the farm bill soon.

Government Relations Director Tyler Wenzlaff tells Brownfield farmers are facing different issues than what they had at the start of the last farm bill. “You have record high inflation, rising supply costs, global unrest within Ukraine, and a lot of this has changed the ag economy and we really need Congress to step up and do their job to make sure we have the resources we need.”

Wenzlaff says having the five-year farm bill cycle and four-year election cycle in the same year is not good. “We have a Congressional majority on the House side that’s five members at most. We have a very tight Senate side that are on opposite sides of the field, and then we have a very tight Presidential election, and all of this is just hitting each other at the wrong time for farmers.”

Wenzlaff says the House version of the farm bill has many of the things Farm Bureau wants included, but in the Senate, only Ag Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow’s outline has been released.  “We can look at the outline and have an idea, but until we see that specific language, the devil is always in the details.”

He says the House bill and the Senate outline mention safety net program improvements and extending the Dairy Forward Pricing Program, and the Dairy Promotion and Research Program.

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