Farm Bureau President says nutrition guidelines “missed an opportunity”

Wisconsin’s Farm Bureau President praises USDA’s recently-announced school nutrition guidelines for keeping flavored milk in school meals, but he says the agency missed an opportunity. 

Brad Olson tells Brownfield the guidelines continue to allow skim and fat-free regular and flavored milks, but should follow the science and allow 2% and whole options as well. “We have to be grateful that things didn’t go backwards, but I think there was a great opportunity not just for dairy but for our young boys and girls across the nation.”

Olson says making milk more tasty improves consumption and reduces waste, and creating good life-long eating habits that benefit children and adults. “You know, 2% and whole milk just in the long run tastes better and just the value of health benefits of having that milk in your diet is essential, and expecially when we start looking at young children, bone development, and other things.”

Olson says Farm Bureau is supporting Congressman Glenn GT Thompson’s Whole Milk for Healthy Kids bill, but admits the bill is struggling to get support in the U.S. Senate.

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