Farm Bureaus head to hill pressing for farm bill action

Several state farm bureaus are traveling to the nation’s capital this week calling for farm bill passage. 

“It’s forceful to have folks on the hill have a presence here directly.” “There’s nowhere for Congress to hide.”

American Farm Bureau Federation’s Ryan Yates tells Brownfield by the end of May nearly every state farm bureau will have traveled to D.C. to plead with lawmakers to move on a new farm bill.

“One of the critically important reasons to get a farm bill done now is it is going to be more difficult for Congress to execute a $1.5 trillion spending bill at the same time that they’re looking to move tax reforms and tax cuts,” he says.

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation President Bill Patterson says Congressional inaction leaves too many unknowns for farmers trying to make long-term business decisions.

“I thought about the purpose when we’re coming out and it’s clarity, clarity, clarity,” he says. “We need clarity.”

Yate says there is some possibility for the House Ag Committee to work on the legislation in April.

Brownfield interviewed both as part of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s County President’s Trip in Washington.

AUDIO: Ryan Yates, American Farm Bureau Federation

AUDIO: Bill Patterson, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Members from Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Missouri are also in Washington D.C.

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