Does farm size really matter?

In today’s Food Dialogues panelist will examine the differences and similarities between large and small farms, they will look at different practices and the effect those issues have on consumer perceptions.

Leah Beyer, a Shelby County, Indiana farmer and one of today’s panelists says she hopes today’s Dialogues will help stop pitting big farms against small farms.  “Im hoping after today’s conversation people will walk away knowing that farms of all sizes can be good or bad,” she says.  “Farms of all sizes are needed to help supply the marketplace with the foods that they (consumers) desire.”

Beyer is one of seven panelist taking part in today’s discussion at the State Room.  Other members of the panel include Jamie Cruz of Littleton, Mass.; Michael Jacobson, founder of Food Day; Bill Luckey a farmer from Columbus, Neb.; Lori Renzi with Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations; Bruce Rominger a farmer from Winters, Calif.; and Michael Swanson of Wells Fargo Bank.

Today’s Food Dialogues will be moderated by Alan Bjerga, food author and a reporter for Bloomberg News

AUDIO: Leah Beyer, Shelby County (2:00mp3)

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