Farmer harvesting soybeans in drought gets stalled by rain

South Central Nebraska farmer Randy Uhrmacher says his soybean yields have been significantly impacted by drought.  “On the dryland, it’s looking it’s 50 percent below last year’s soybeans.  On the irrigated, I’m going to come in and say early estimates between 10 and 15 percent below last year’s yields.”

But, Uhrmacher says, he received a half-an-inch of rain this week and that has stalled his progress. “Just sitting and waiting for the sun to come out so we can cut again.”

He tells Brownfield the moisture will help get his cover crops growing. “Actually, we planted them in the dust and hoped for the best.  I didn’t really want to run pivots on them to get them going. By golly, we got some nice showers and got the cover crop off to a good start on those acres.”  

Uhrmacher says he started harvest last week and has cut 300 acres of soybeans.

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