Farmer plans ahead for fuel needs

Farmers are doing what they can to get the fuel they need for planting season at the best price possible.

Wisconsin farmer John Eron says he’s glad they installed more on-farm fuel storage in the early 2000’s. “We’re in good shape to get us through spring but you know, we’re definitely going to have to purchase fuel for the fall harvests. I’m hoping we can make it through side-dress time and we’re actually looking at doing some contracting for fall here already.”

Eron tells Brownfield fuel cost is high, and he did get some delivered at $2.95 a gallon, but his contracted rate for delivery later was higher. “I did have an opportunity to get some stuff at just over $3.00, I think $3.10 somewhere in there, contracted that’s available through fall but looking at it now, I may not have contracted enough.”

Eron’s advice is to fill the on-farm tanks, even if it means dipping into the operating line of credit because that fuel might not be available later in the year at the contracted prices. “Unfortunately, a lot of the farmers have gotten stuck with some of the force majeure clauses. We have seen that several years back with the LP fuel, so if they can do that to home heating fuel and stuff, I don’t see why they would think twice about doing that with regular diesel fuel and or gasoline.”

Eron farms and operates a custom harvesting business near Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

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