Farmer praises strong supply of inputs, prices a mixed bag

One farmer says the supply of inputs has greatly improved over the last year.

Jeff Baker from northeast Nebraska says agricultural inputs seem to be near pre-pandemic levels.

“When you would call and say, ‘hey I need this product’ and they say, ‘well we don’t have it and we can’t get it’ that got kind of old there a couple of years ago,” he said, “but now it seems like everybody’s kind of caught back up. If you need it, it’s out there.”

He tells Brownfield fertilizer prices have slightly increased this spring. “I bought a lot of that last fall. I’m pretty content with that decision.”

But Baker says some input costs have decreased from last year. “A lot of chemicals, fungicides and things like that are actually a little cheaper, which is a nice surprise every once in a while.”

Baker raises corn and soybeans on 1400 acres near Pender.

AUDIO: Nebraska Farmer Jeff Baker on the 2024 growing season and the current state of input supplies and prices

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