Farmer says crop yields are good despite fall challenges

A central Illinois farmer says his corn yields are good despite stalk quality issues this fall.

Dan Farney grows soybeans and corn in Morton, Illinois.

“You could walk out in the field and basically touch a stalk and it would fall over and that is scary because when that ear falls on the ground it’s very hard to get it up into the combine,” he says. “At the end of the day though yields were good, and prices are up.”

And, he says soybean yields were better than expected despite variable weather conditions.

“It was hard to get the soybeans dry enough to cut. I think it was about almost three weeks between when we stopped on one of our fields to when we started again,” he says. “At the end we were cutting soybeans and applying fertilizer for next year.”

Brownfield interviewed Farney during Trade Talk at the 2021 NAFB Convention.

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