Farmer says recent rain, wind has damaged some corn

Southeastern South Dakota farmer and American Soybean Association President Kevin Scott says recent storms damaged corn in his area.

“We have a decent crop growing we recently received a lot of rain— 5 and a half inches of rain and a lot of wind,” he says. “We have some corn that’s down.”   

Scott says he knows another farmer south of Sioux Falls who had about 500 acres of downed corn. 

“We’re trying to find out whether that needs to be chopped or if he can pick it up or if it’s going to be an insurance issue,” he says.

And, harvest is quickly approaching.

“We’re getting toward the end (of the growing season),” he says. “South Dakota is going to have a short crop, North Dakota is going to have a short crop, and Minnesota is going to be short. We will deal with that, but we now have a lot of moisture to deal with. Hopefully that will mean good things for next year.”

Brownfield interviewed Scott during the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.

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