Farmers are being asked to submit comments to EPA about atrazine revision

Nebraska Corn is calling on farmers across the Midwest to help ensure access to a critical crop protection tool.

Andy Jobman, Chairmen of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, says producers should submit comments to EPA about the agency’s proposal revise atrazine. “If this proposal would go through, it would really throw a wrench in our ability to use modern day herbicides to control weeds.  We’d probably be looking at more tillage that would need to be done, which hampers our conservation and sustainability efforts.”

In June, the EPA released a proposed rule that would lower the level of concern to 3.4 ppb and the public comment period is open through September 6.

He tells Brownfield revising the registration could negatively impact the industry. “It would force a lot of our partners in the crop protection business to issue new labels, maybe even pull some products that wouldn’t work or reformulate them,” he says. “It would be, in terms of exactly what you needed to apply next year, it would be a nightmare.”

And, Jobman says, he’s concerned that the agency is limiting access to other crop protection tools, which sets a bad precedent for farmers. “In some aspects, it probably stifles some innovation because we’re always having to go back and reprove, rehash the conversations about why we need these products, how we use them and how effective and safe they are.”

Farmers can submit comments on the National Corn Growers Association website.

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