Farmers are still struggling to get inputs and parts

Like many farmers around the country, Robert Stobaugh of Arkansas is facing challenges getting the products and parts he needs this spring.

He tells Brownfield outside of Mother Nature it’s his biggest concern.  “We purchased all we could possibly think of early on in anticipation of some slow freight,” he says.  “We did pretty good.  But now, we’re being told that some of the things we’re going to need in the not-so-distant future are getting a little bit hard to get as far as inputs.”

Stobaugh says the availability issue goes beyond crop protection and fertilizer products.  “We’ve had a couple of issues where a typical two-day turnaround for a parts order and install has turned into closer to a week,” he says.  “We have small windows sometimes to get things done and we certainly don’t need delays based on parts availability or input availability.”

He raises corn, rice, soybeans, and grain sorghum northwest of Little Rock, Arkansas. 

AUDIO: Robert Stobaugh, Arkansas farmer

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