Farmers at the Commodity Classic back the NexGen Fuels Act

Farmers are supporting legislation that promotes higher blends of ethanol, reduces energy independence and lowers the cost of fuel.

Lance Lillibridge a farmer with the Iowa Corn Growers Association tells Brownfield the NexGen Fuels Act has benefits for consumers and producers. “We can put more biofuels into the tank. When we can do that, we can reduce the cost.  Right now, I think it’s a $1 less for ethanol over regular gasoline.”  

He tells Brownfield increasing fuel octane that reduces greenhouse gas emissions is good for the environment and consumers. “One station we were looking at – $2.80 for E85 compared to almost $4 for premium gasoline – so that’s a big difference.”

Jay Reiners, a farmer and director on the Nebraska Corn Board, says, if passed, the legislation would create additional markets for corn farmers. “It opens up higher blends of ethanol of us,” Reiners says. “It’s all about creating more grind.  That’s the name of the game right now. If we produce more then we’re using, we’ve got to get rid of it somehow.”

The NexGen Fuels Act, introduced by Representative Cheri Bustos of Illinois, would increase low-carbon, high-octane fuels to protect public health, improve vehicle efficiency and performance.

Lillibridge and Reiners soke with Brownfield at the Commodity Classic.

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