Farmers be aware of possible Chinese-made drone ban

A light robotics manager with Beck’s Hybrids says several states are considering proposals that would ban Chinese-made drones.

Jim Love tells Brownfield…

“Kansas is kicking some legislation up and down the field.”  He says, “I guess South Dakota is doing the same, so there are several of these states looking as far as on how they want to manage the use of these drones from overseas.”

Congress has already passed legislation that prohibits government entities, government funded organizations, and private contractors that service the government from purchasing or using Chinese-made drones.

Love says the move follows the U.S. Department of Defense identifying Chinese-made DJI Drones as a national security threat earlier this year. 

“So, as we look forward to buying decisions, I would hate for a decision to be made that would impact one of our customers that spent tens of thousands of dollars, and then now either has to run in the shadows and pretend that they don’t have that brand, or go buy yet another one,” he says.

House Resolution 2864, the Countering CCP Drones Act, is currently awaiting action in the U.S. House.  It includes a provision that would prohibit Chinese-made drones from utilizing the U.S. communications infrastructure, which the drones need to operate.   

Photo: Stock Spray Drone Photo

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