Farmers continue scouting for corn rootworm

An agronomist says corn rootworm has been an issue in parts of Iowa this growing season.

Meaghan Anderson is with Iowa State University. “In central Iowa they were not generally as bad – especially the westerns – as they were last year,” she said. “But we are still finding these pockets of problematic rootworm beetles, in particular the northerns are showing up even in some rotated acres.”

She tells Brownfield farmers should be scouting every cornfield late in the season to evaluate management decisions and prepare for next year. “This time of year, just because we are seeing adults in a field doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the field they came from,” she said. “Noting whether or not we actually have that root injury a little earlier in the summer is important, though we may still be able to find it now if it is severe.”

Anderson says it’s generally a good idea to scout for larvae early in the season and assess root injury when larval feeding wraps up.

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