Farmers, crop insurance agents expecting some prevent plant

The frequent rain with few dry days for field work have farmers and crop insurance agents preparing for some prevent plant claims. Amy Penterman tells Brownfield, “I’m getting nervous, too, especially with some of these northern counties with heavy soil that haven’t been able to turn any dirt yet.”

Penterman and her husband operate a dairy farm and she is also a crop insurance agent.  Penterman tells Brownfield final planting days range from around May 25th in northern counties to May 31st for some central Wisconsin counties, and with prevent plant, it must be a common problem in the area. “Your neighbors have all gotten planted, and right now, you want to call it quits. You probably don’t want to do that. You want to attempt to get in those fields as long as you can and then get a hold of your agent to see what your options are.”

Penterman says farmers should talk to their crop insurance agent about how the rule changes might affect them. “If you’ve got standing alfalfa that you were intending on plowing under or you were going to spray off and you were going to plant it to a corn crop, you know, those might not be covered under prevent plant. That has to be black dirt out there. It has to be sprayed off and killed off.”

And, she says partially planted fields with wet areas might be eligible, too. “It doesn’t have to be an entire field. It can be partial fields out there, so you may qualify for prevent plant and not even realize it.”

Penterman says farmers should work closely with their agents to see what the options are for their farms.

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