Farmers & firefighters excited about new soybean product

Farmers and firefighters are excited about a soybean-based firefighting foam that would replace existing products made with forever chemicals.

Pat Mulooly with the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board is in Dalton, Georgia, where Cross Plains Solutions demonstrated the foam product they developed. “There is a fair amount of firefighters here that are very excited, and they are telling me they need the product. It replaces the PFAS product that was on the market, and in some places, it’s been pulled.”

Mulooly says the surprising development making the soy-based firefighting foam a valuable tool is once applied, the combustible materials won’t reignite.

For farmers, Mulooly says it’s another market for their soybeans. “Not that it’s a huge amount of soybeans that would go into this, but they’re talking to start, twelve million bushel. And right now, they’re using soy flour, and that’s not readily available, but they’re trying to get it to where it could be soy meal.”

Mulooly says there are a couple of Wisconsin connections to the product.  First, the chemist who was challenged to come up with the foam and he says some product testing is happening in Wisconsin. “There’s some testing going on that needed to be done to get this product to market, and that’s going on up at Chippewa Valley Technical College, so we funded some testing there to get this thing finalized and hopefully get to the market soon.”

The initial foam development was funded by the United Soybean Board and some of the state soybean promotional groups.  The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board added more funding last year towards the development of the product.

AUDIO: Pat Mulooly discusses the new soybean-based firefighting foam with Brownfield’s Larry Lee.

  • Get me connected with the product!!
    Between Clinton & Turtle Departments will give it a try.
    The fire service needs something new.
    Any cost and the farm wil take care of it!
    Robert Wildermuth

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