Farmers for Free Trade pushes for trade issues resolution

A group of farmers and business owners is pushing for the resolution of trade issues. Sustained tariffs and the trade war with China are potentially hurting the agriculture economy for the next generation, said Brian Kuehl, executive director of Farmers for Free Trade.

“This is having a very real impact on farmers,” Kuehl told Brownfield Ag News Wednesday at the National Association of the Farm Broadcasting convention in Kansas City. “Unfortunately for a lot of farmers, it makes the difference about whether they’re going to able to pass the farm onto their kids.”

Those involved in manufacturing and agriculture production are, according to Kuehl, becoming fatigued by statements from the administration that a break in the China trade dispute is right around the corner.

“Farmers know it’s not working,” said Kuehl, “and we’ve been promised that this is going to be done soon and it’s not.”

Farmers for Free Trade held a roundtable discussion in Kansas City Wednesday, talking about new data on the impacts of trade issues.

AUDIO: Brian Kuehl

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