Farmers in Nebraska celebrate widespread rainfall that brings relief to on-going drought

Mother Nature has brought much needed relief from severe drought for producers in a Western Corn Belt state.

Central Nebraska farmer Clay Govier says 4 inches of rain have fallen since Saturday and that’s been the first measurable moisture since October.“ I don’t know if it’s going to necessarily solve all of our problems, but it certainly has brought a lot of hope to farmers and other producers in the area.”  

He tells Brownfield the drought was creating several issues during planting. “The hydraulic down force was pretty much maxed out and we were only getting corn in about an inch deep. No matter how slow you went or what you were you doing, it was like planting into concrete.  We opted to stop planting and turn pivots on and put a quick half-inch of water on.  By the time we did that it started raining.”

Govier says the forecast calls for cool and wet conditions this week. “I don’t think we’re missing out on too many GDUs of heat to get that corn or soybean rocking and rolling.  I don’t think heat-wise we’re that far behind, but calendar-wise we’re starting to feel like we’re getting behind.”

Govier grows a variety of crops near Broken Bow.

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