Farmers might be missing the payoff with carbon farming

An agronomist says there’s untapped potential in carbon farming practices.

“(They) just need to have access to that information to convince them that it’s a fruitful practice.”

But, John Shanahan with Agoro Carbon Alliance, says producers need to uncover their potential. “There’s a cost associated with seeding that cover crop and it doesn’t create, often times, an immediate cash value,” he says. “It’s there to protect the soil. Sometimes it takes some innovation.  Farmers are using livestock to graze those cover crops and they can get some revenue that way.”

But, he says in some areas of the Corn Belt other conservation practices are popular. “For example here in Nebraska, about 60 percent of farmers have adopted no till in their system so they’ve seen that benefit already.”

Shanahan spoke with Brownfield during the Nebraska Ag Expo.

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