Farmers say there isn’t a shortage of challenges facing the industry

From policy to weather, some farmers at this year’s Husker Harvest days say there is still plenty of uncertainty in the industry.

Eastern Nebraska farmer Dan Wesley says Mexico’s ban on GM and white corn could impact how he buys seed in 2024. “Should you raise white corn? Should we raise GM products? Is it going to Mexico? Is it not? That’s the immediate effect, right away.”

Farmer Daren Niemeyer says he hopes that the crop insurance title in the next farm bill remains strong even if the legislation is extended. “Anything they can do to make sure it stays or gets enhanced would be better.”

South-Central Nebraska grower Chris Grams says it’s the third straight year that drought has impacted crop development and water has been a precious resource. “Next year we’re going to have to apply at the right time. Down in our area, we’re restricted on our water, and it’s made us better stewards of our ground.”

And, Ruth Ready says yields are a major unknown. “If anything was hanging on and didn’t get any moisture, they are finished now.”

Dan Wesley:

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